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Coach Hire Luggage Space

The amount of luggage space varies by vehicle. However it is important to recognise that space is not unlimited. General rules of thumb are outlined below as guidance only – it is however at the passenger’s responsibility to make sure they have adequate space for luggage. When you are considering coach hire with significant amounts of luggage one of our operations team can give you guidance but we always advise – be conservative – and order a larger vehicle. In addition ‘trailers’ can be hired for certain vehicles at an extra cost.

Guideline Passenger Loads for Coach Hire

16 Seater 24 Seater 49 Seater 72 Seater
No Luggage 16 pax 24 pax 49 pax 72 pax
Hand Luggage 14 pax 22 pax 49 pax 72 pax
Case per Passenger 12 pax 18 pax 40 pax 66 pax
Golf Clubs/Skis 8 pax 16 pax 32 pax 60 pax

Please note the above passenger to baggage loads are guidelines. It is always for the passenger to ensure adequate capacity it achieved

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