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Wedding Coach Hire

At TAXIM Minibuses we have a dedicated team which integrates two divisions of our group TAXIM Minibuses and Limo Kiosk to provide an integrated solution for wedding transport. In the last 12 months we have provided coach hire for weddings for over 60 weddings. The range of weddings covered by our team ranges from large Society weddings, Asian weddings to the typical 100 guest family wedding in July. If you want to make sure the coach and limo hire for your big day goes without an hitch – but also represents competitively priced value for money – make sure you contact one of out team at TAXIM Minibuses.

Top 10 tips for Wedding Transport

Below are 10 things to think about when organising wedding transport to help make sure your big day goes well.

  1. Book early. In order to make sure your coach Company supplier is not ‘squeezing you in’ at the last minute make sure you are not booking at the last minute. Saturdays in the summer months are the busiest time of year for the coach hire industry.
  2. Coach Companies (certainly Momentum) do not charge waiting time like a taxi does. Book the coach for 20 minutes earlier than you need it – the driver will be patient.
  3. Allow for the time it takes to load up a coach full of passengers. Getting 50 /70 people on a coach can be like herding cats at times.
  4. Plan for the journey to take 20% longer than it normally would. Coaches are not cars – they are not as nimble and don’t drive as quickly. Build in plenty of contingency.
  5. Think about where the coach will drop off. It’s not a car and cannot just park up as simply as a car will. Planning a drop off point can prevent any delays.
  6. Give the contact on the day as someone other than the bride/groom. You have better things to worry about than liaising with the coach driver over where your granny left her handbag.
  7. Book for the duration the day not just the narrow times. It may cost a little more but reduces risk of problems.
  8. When returning in the evening consider the use of shuttle runs. Not everyone likes to leave at the same time. An extra run can be as little as an extra 15% of the cost of the trip
  9. Don’t go overboard on the standard of vehicles you may want. You may like the idea of luxury but think what your guests may be like by last thing in the evening.
  10. Put someone in charge of the late evening return trips and make sure they have a bin bag for rubbish. Weddings cost enough – you don’t need to be handed a last minute bill for coach valet services.

For help on transport on your wedding speak to our specialist team:

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